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ViaGreen provides a complete range of independent recycling and waste management facilities for societies, households, industrial and commercial customers as well as local authorities.

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45000 8 , 8 7 8 0 8 5

Kg Wet waste processed daily to compost/ Bio-gas


Kg Soft plastic/ Multi-Layered Plastic converted to Bio-fuel/ RDF/ Granules


Kg Coconut made to cocopeat/ ropes daily


Kg Thermocol processed into plastic granules daily


Kg Paper products, SUP sent for recycling


Kg inert waste handed to MCGM


We envision a livelihood where waste gets recycled into usable objects of our life by recreating them without exploiting them.

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ViaGreen provides a complete range of independent recycling and waste management facilities for societies, households, industrial and commercial customers as well as local authorities. We’re an environmental enterprise that aims to make the best out of the waste. With a purpose to add value to everything including waste, we are set to make a new step toward nature. Started as a passion to address waste-related problems in India,

In 2015, we started our journey along with the Municipal Solid Waste Rules initiative. Since then we are working tirelessly to ensure maximum waste recovery by transforming them into usable objects. Our founders, a chartered accountant, and an IIM alumnus envision ViaGreen to become an effective platform to integrate all stakeholders in the waste management industry. With our ambition to convey a comprehensive solution to manage waste, we want to mark an impression of our work to influence others.

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Why ViaGreen

While choosing ViaGreen to manage your waste you earn:


for your responsible initiative for a healthier environment.


for your outstanding performance for enhancing the use of recycled products.


from society for empowering women.

Social credit

for helping unprivileged children with recycled pens, papers, and bags.

Most of all

Healthy & Cleaner

environment around you.

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Together We Can Restore

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VIAGREEN To Manage Your Waste

ViaGreen has come to your city to manage the waste to ease your burden in the midst of your busy life. Apartments and organizations being an enormous source of creating waste, possess a significant responsibility to maintain their garbage efficiently for clean surroundings. How ever, taking care of the segregation and maintaining the waste is a big challenge due to lack of time and proper management.

With a number of 7+ years of learning and experimentation with various methods, our Waste Management Service is continuously trying to create pollution-free sustainable earth. To maintain the pace with the current environment we are working hand in hand with modern technology bearing the motto of an eco-friendly quality lifestyle by introducing and providing 100% source segregation.

ViaGreen envisions an environmentally sustainable, pollution-free, wasteless livelihood. With a goal of changing the way waste has been treated before, we provide Zero-waste to landfill solutions in every community. Henceforth, we assure you with our sincerity to give our 100% in our work. We inspect waste in high waste generating areas such as MNCs, tech parks, residential communities, and other big organizations to supervise them thereafter. At ViaGreen, we recycle the waste with supreme efforts and ensure minimal dumping in consideration of our mother nature.

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How we work

At ViaGreen, we work potently by taking careful actions step by step for a brighter, environment-friendly, and balanced future.

Our Methodology
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Our goal is to continue as a successful, self-sustainable environmental enterprise by providing the most reliable waste management service. We aim to transform the waste into utilizable objects to make the best out of the trash by reducing the stigma attached to waste. We also aim to empower women by offering them work and average earnings. Our goal is to manage 500+ tons of waste per day by 2026.

Frequently Asked Questions

Waste management means managing wastes properly as all our wastes are not biodegradable and can harm the environment very prudently. Waste management is a process of segregating waste into various categories and recycling reusable items to ensure minimum dumping for a healthy environment.
There are multiple reasons why we should opt for professional waste management services as it needs experience and some legal requirements. Every organization produces waste in one way or another, and the trash must be dealt in the proper way for a healthy living infrastructure. And if you don't deal with your waste correctly, you may end up being fined for harming your environment more.
To put it simply, we must recycle our wastes to save our earth from upcoming calamities. Nowadays, we are using lots of non-biodegradable products and putting our ecosystem at risk. So, recycling is the only cost-effective way to save our planet.
E-waste stands for electronic waste. Electronic wastes include all the electronic components that we don't need anymore – unusable, and dysfunctional items such as television, phones, refrigerators, computers, and many more. Some of the e-wastes are reusable, recyclable, and even upcyclable.
I always felt like I could do anything. That’s the main thing people are controlled by! Thoughts- their perception of themselves! They're slowed down by their perception of themselves. If you're taught you can’t do anything, you won’t do anything. I was taught I could do everything.

No doubt, landfills have an enormous impact on our environment. Forget about non-biodegradable, even biodegradable wastes after dumping down spread diseases. Non-biodegradable waste emits dangerous chemicals and greenhouse gas and leads to a polluted environment.
We are always active to help you with our waste management services. To get connected with us, call at+8655060609, or you can write to us at [email protected].
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